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Material Type: Porcelain

Brand: Florida Tile

Series: Mingle

Color: Cool Summer Mix, Dry Stream, Soft Rock and Warm Winter Mix.

Sizes: 12×12, 18×18, 6×24 plank, 12×24, 2×2 Mesh Mosaic, Decorative inserts, listellos and trim.

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The classic definition of Mingle, comes in a new line from Florida Tile. What we achieved is a concept that uses a combination of multiple stone graphics in the same color. Conceptualized as a 4 color line, we decided to make 2 colors mixing the graphics, an Ivory (Warm Winter Mix) and a Grey (Cool Summer Mix). The other two colors, is a Bluish Grey (Dry Stream) that is created using only the Travertine graphics, and a warm Beige tone (Soft Rock) created using only the Breccia Marble graphic.